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Provate a cimentarvi in questi quiz difficilissimi in lingua inglese. Non sarà sempre facile intuire traduzioni e modi di dire ma anche informazioni e curiosità inglesi ed americane. Utili per divertirsi la sera con gli amici ma anche per testare la vostra conoscenza della lingua magari dopo un corso di formazione. Ah... dimenticavo che ci sono tutte le -answers- ;-)
Buon divertimento!

Raccolta di 100 quiz in lingua inglese

Try your hand at these quizzes in English. It will not always be easy to connect translations but also English and American information and curiosities. Useful for having fun in the evening with friends but also for testing your knowledge of the language, perhaps after a training course. I forgot that there are all the -answers- ;-)
Have fun!


Question: what does hipgnosis design?
Answer: album covers

Question: He was the muppeteer controlling Gonzo and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Answer: dave goelz

Question: Word for the letter "I"
Answer: India

Question: In which sea is the island of Corfu
Answer: ionian

Question: To which tree family does the osier belong
Answer: willow

Question: who won the oscar for best director in 1990?
Answer: kevin costner

Question: A woman described as a Magdalene in the 17th Century was a repentant what
Answer: prostitute

Question: in the 1700s, european women achieved a pale complexion by eating 'complexion wafers' which were actually what poison
Answer: arsenic

Question: What is the world's #24 most populous city
Answer: calcutta

Question: Because its eyeball is fixed, the ---------- must move its huge body to shift its line of sight.
Answer: whale

Question: what was the name of the flying nun?
Answer: sister bertrille

Question: Which word links these: free, model, political
Answer: demonstration

Question: Certain marbles are called "alleys" because they are made of ___
Answer: alabaster

Question: What finger is the most sensitive
Answer: forefinger

Question: Name given to that part of North America first seen in or about 986 by Bjarni Herjlfsson, who was driven there by a storm during a voyage from Iceland to Greenland?
Answer: vinland

Question: Which Hollywood heart throbs real name was Roy Scherer
Answer: rock hudson

Question: PLOKTA
Answer: press lots of keys to abort

Question: Venus is _____ miles in diameter
Answer: 7520

Question: 'and the big wheel keeps on turning, neon burning up above ..' what is the dire straits song title
Answer: tunnel of love

Question: Catch-22, no laughing matter, god knows
Answer: joseph heller

Question: What bird has two toes
Answer: ostrich

Question: To steal property entrusted to one's care.?
Answer: Embezzle

Question: Plant with golden or bright yellow flowers
Answer: marigold

Question: In 1805 Battle of---------- , although killed in this battle, Nelson established British naval supremacy for the next century, beating both French and Spanish.
Answer: trafalgar

Question: In 1923 Sir Richard ---------- actor/director (Gandhi, Young Winston), born.
Answer: attenborough

Question: In England in the 1880s this was considered an offensive word
Answer: pants

Question: In what country was Erik Rotheim, the inventor of the aerosol can, born
Answer: norway

Question: What is the term used for the path that a planet takes around the sun
Answer: orbit

Question: In Oliver Twist name the undertaker to whom Oliver is sold
Answer: sowerberry

Question: who was the real life great imposter?
Answer: fred demara

Question: (Fr.), galanter stil (Ger.) - The musical equivalent of the rococo style in painting. The term described the homophonic but ornamented French and Italian music between 1730 and 1770 written by Couperin and D. Scarlatti. It contrasted with the German contrapuntal style.
Answer: style galant

Question: In 1929 ---------- Palmer golfer (PGA Golfer of the Year 1960, 1962), born.
Answer: arnold

Question: On diff'rent strokes,what pet did arnold keep in his room
Answer: goldfish

Question: What is the chemical name for caustic soda
Answer: sodium hydroxide

Question: Which British king said 'I don't like abroad, I've been there'
Answer: george v

Question: The song "why do fools fall in love was a hit in which year
Answer: 1956

Question: Which city hosted the 1924 Olympic Summer Games Held
Answer: Paris

Question: At darts, what is a score of 26 called
Answer: bed & breakfast

Question: IBTD
Answer: i beg to differ

Question: What's the longest river in Asia?
Answer: yangtze

Question: Matthew Modine, Mercedes Ruehl, Dean Stockwell, and Michelle Pfeiffer
Answer: married to the Mob

Question: If you were born on 11 November what star sign (Zodiac) would you be
Answer: scorpio

Question: If you're involved in firing, throwing, and glazing, what do you do
Answer: pottery

Question: There doesn't seem to be anyone around
Answer: I Think We're Alone Now Tiffany

Question: What country's capital is caracas
Answer: venezuela

Question: who recorded the album "london calling" in 1975
Answer: clash

Question: Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" was written by ____ ________.
Answer: Mark Knopfler

Question: what is the study of the earth's physical divisions
Answer: geography

Question: In mythology, what was Mjollnir
Answer: thor's hammer

Question: People of the world today are we looking for a better way of life
Answer: Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson

Question: Katagelophobia is the fear of
Answer: ridicule

Question: What food can tourists buy at a Scandinavian stand marked "Glass"
Answer: ice cream

Question: - A 20th century term, coined by John Cage, describing a piano which has been prepared by the insertion of objects between the piano strings for performance (e.g. a piece of cardboard)
Answer: prepared piano

Question: (Gael.) - Same as mouth music.
Answer: port a beul

Question: What u.s. state boasts the world's largest mass of exposed granite?
Answer: Georgia

Question: what has more than 80,000 arms
Answer: basket starfish

Question: What sport is associated with the queensbury rules
Answer: boxing

Question: (Fr.) - A popular dance form in the 13th and 14th centuries consisting of several sections (puncta) each of which has a first ending (ouvert) and a second ending (clos).
Answer: estampie

Question: In cookery, which dish was named after a ballerina
Answer: pavlova

Question: What is the name of the man who gave his name to the World Cup Trophy
Answer: david rimet

Question: what does the tiger symbolise on singapore's coat-of-arms
Answer: malaysia

Question: - The completion of 17th and 18th century harmony by adding a keyboard accompaniment indicated by figured bass
Answer: realisation

Question: Erving Inky and Dinky were the nephews of what comic book cat
Answer: felix the cat

Question: Bloodsucking worm formerly used for medicinal bleeding
Answer: leech

Question: Whose books describe the career of "horatio hornblower"
Answer: c s forester

Question: Skullcap worn by Jewish men
Answer: yarmulke

Question: If you were born on 10 September what star sign (Zodiac) would you be
Answer: virgo

Question: Native peoples of South America catch ---------- and use their razor-sharp teeth to make tools and weapons
Answer: piranha

Question: 1984 carl lewis duplicates ---------- " 1936 feat, wins 4 olym track golds
Answer: jesse owens

Question: who played the blacksmith on gunsmoke from 1962-65
Answer: burt reynolds

Question: A story by Hans Anderson "The..
Answer: ugly duckling

Question: In 1964 Ranger 7 launched toward the Moon; sent back ---------- TV pictures.
Answer: 4308

Question: Tarsus, metatarsus, and phalanges are parts of a ___
Answer: foot

Question: A garter snake can give birth to ----------
Answer: 85 babies

Question: Which famous anthem did Thomas Arne compose
Answer: rule britannia

Question: In which year did Mussolini invade Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
Answer: 1935

Question: How often does a stopped analogue clock display the correct time
Answer: twice a day

Question: In 1923 ---------- Co. founded.
Answer: disney

Question: The longest time someone has typed on a typewriter continuously is __ hours, set by violet gibson burns
Answer: 264

Question: In 1919 Art---------- , jazz drummer (Jazz Messengers), born.
Answer: blakey

Question: What geological period is named after coal
Answer: carboniferous

Question: This famours astronomer was the son of a composer
Answer: gallileo

Question: In 1457 Henry ---------- king of England (1485-1509), born.
Answer: vii

Question: In 1980 Iraqi troops seized ---------- territory in a border dispute
Answer: iranian

Question: In 1982 Israeli forces began pouring into west----------
Answer: beirut

Question: What term is given to that part of the Earth which can support life
Answer: biosphere

Question: When did the Fuller Brush Company begin using catalogs
Answer: 1986

Question: which is the only king in a deck of cards without a moustache
Answer: king of hearts

Question: The "l.l" in l.l. bean stands for what
Answer: leon leonwood

Question: In 1945 Roosevelt, Churchill, and ---------- began a conference at Yalta.
Answer: stalin

Question: This Russian composer is responsible for the stirring prelude in c# minor
Answer: rachmanninov

Question: Instrument for measuring radio activity
Answer: geiger counter

Question: An electrically-charged particle
Answer: ion

Question: What is the flowering shrub Syringa usually called
Answer: lilac

Question: In the film 'The Blue Lamp' which actor played the character who shot PC Dixon
Answer: dirk bogarde

Question: What's the royal dog of China
Answer: pekingese

Question: name the only nfl team with no logo on its helmets
Answer: cleveland browns

Question: before the age of steel, skateblades were made of
Answer: bones

Question: This cluster of stars is also known as the Seven Sisters.
Answer: pleiades

Question: where is llanfaipollgwyngyllgogerychwyrndobll llantisiliogogoch
Answer: wales


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